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Alternative Designs for Access (ADA)
Assistive Technology Services

ADA is the division of Caragonne and Associates, Inc. responsible for provision of comprehensive technology consulting services. Keith Sofka, Director for Assistive Technology, is certified as an Assistive Technology Provider (ATP) through the Rehabilitation Engineering Association of America (RESNA). The following services are available:

Direct assistive technology prescription, ordering, installation, and follow up training in assistive technology services to family members and individuals with disabilities

Design and installation of architectural modifications to homes,
work sites, public agencies, and assisted living facilities to assure access by persons with disabilities.

Training workshops in application and use of technology

Education in all phases of the technology identification, prescription, and delivery process.

Caragonne and Associates strives to teach family members sufficient knowledge for identification of technology, medical and therapeutic services that increase safety, mobility, environmental control and independence. Priority for technology purchase and need for technology is reviewed with family members in order of its importance. Technology use to reduce care-giver “burn-out” is also provided as part of the scope of work. Caragonne and Associates assesses individuals for assistive technology, develops prescriptions for technology, identifies vendors and orders technology, fits or installs the technology, and provides technology repairs on-site. Training in use of recommended technology to assure its full use by the consumer, family members and care providers is also provided. All assistive technology provided is re-evaluated on a periodic basis for proper use by care givers and the individual with disabilities to assure its use. If technology needs change, Caragonne and Associates will review use of the device against the person’s need and assure that inappropriate, outmoded or poorly fitting technology is discontinued. Technology recommendations are developed for persons utilizing adaptive computers and augmentative speech devices.

Technology services ensure that increased independence and safety are gained for the consumer. When appropriate, all specifications for accessible bathrooms, kitchens, and hallway redesign are developed. Accessible gardens are also developed when the individual wishes to resume gardening activities. If architectural modifications are required, Caragonne and Associates, LLC develops detailed architectural drawings, costs out the project, implements a competitive bid process, and identifies contractors knowledgeable in housing renovation and construction for persons with disabilities. Caragonne and Associates, LLC locates appropriate housing resources and will recommend all architectural modifications needed for safety, independence and access. Design plans include assuring two accessible exits/entries, re-insulation of housing if needed for temperature control, addition of space for equipment, therapies and attendant care, installation of video monitors, automatic door openers, ramps, and alteration of electrical circuits, fixtures, and doorknobs. Platform lifts to basements are included if needed, as are other technology for environmental control. When requested, staff from Caragonne and Associates, LLC can function as on-site project managers to assure that construction and housing conform to required standards.

Caragonne and Associates, LLC has provided technical consultation to individuals, families, educational settings, government agencies, private employers and hospitals. Over 300 task analyses and subsequent work site modifications have also been completed to assure return to work for disabled persons. Individualized technology assessments are completed for consumers wishing to adapt and/or modify educational, home, leisure or work sites. Types of disabilities represented include persons with blindness or low vision, persons with mobility impairments, persons with speech or hearing impairments, and persons with cognitive difficulties. This component works extensively with issues of access to employment, frequently fabricates both one-of-a-kind access methods designed to fit a particular consumer or agency's needs, and develops and implements housing modification services. (ADA) currently provides technology assessment services to consumers in elementary and middle schools, Departments of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Mental Health, Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation,, and hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Caragonne and Associates provides technical training, curriculum development, and service provision to a wide range of private employment, insurance, governmental, rehabilitative, and educational concerns. Upgrade staff training in rehabilitation technology, technology evaluation and technology service delivery have been provided to over 150 agencies nationally. Direct technology services have been provided to over 500 persons with disabilities. These services include prescriptions for assistive and adaptive equipment, modifications to support educational access, home modifications to gain independence in daily living, and work site modifications to assure employment access and stability.

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