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LIFE CARE Planning Services

Caragonne and Associates, LLC. develops long-term plans that identify the services required by individuals with disabilities. These services will identify all necessary medical or therapeutic supports required by the individual. Resources that would offset the effects of the disability will also be identified. Plans identify all resources required as well as the purpose, use, timing and costs of these resources -- providing a document that can be used to implement these resources. Planning methods are interdisciplinary and treating specialists, therapists, educators, and family members participate as key informants to the planning process. All persons germane to the consumer’s safety, rehabilitation and independence assist in plan development. Plan are developed using careful data-based planning processes and cross-disciplinary collaboration with treating providers to ensure appropriate foundation for recommendations developed.

Life care planning starts by careful review of records that describe the individual, their needs and service history. When only out-dated materials are available , then more current materials are requested and obtained. The second step in the process involves completing a home visit in order to observe and interview the disabled person and their family members, audit all equipment available, interview care providers, document unmet needs for services, and identify barriers to architectural access. Assistive technology that could further independence and safety is also evaluated for its availability and potential use. When appropriate testing to obtain baseline in function in cognition, speech, hearing, or activities of daily living these evaluations are obtained.

Interviews are completed with treating providers on-site at schools, work sites, hospitals, and office settings. This step is taken to secure their involvement in plan development, assure that their perspectives are portrayed in the completed plan, and their perspectives on services to benefit the consumer are represented. After service recommendations are obtained from providers, the consumer, and their family members, a plan narrative is developed that portrays all functional obstacles encountered and services needed to offset these obstacles.

Services provided since injury are depicted as are any functional gains achieved through rehabilitation. Other gains possible with receipt of additional services are also outlined. Recent test results are included as well as provider impressions and recommendations. Future risks to health are assessed. Medical complications attendant to the disability are defined as are costs for remedying these complications. Resources needed but unavailable are identified and recommendations advanced for all services required. Service objectives are described as is a level of case management sufficient to ensure service continuity, accessibility, and availability.

Services and resources required to mitigate the disabling effects of catastrophic injury are next portrayed in detailed Cost Charts. Comprehensive cost charts identify and catalog the purpose and use of each service, when each resource starts or stops, the fiscal resources required to purchase each service or item, time frames for resource use across the individual’s life-span, and representative local providers from whom specific services can be secured. Financial resources required are summarized by one time only purchases and annual costs per year.

Life care plans developed at Caragonne and Associates are used in litigation contexts by both prosecution and defense firms, by Trusts seeking to set reserves for their disabled beneficiaries, by agencies involved in long-term planning, and by family members.

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