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Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC
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Penelope Caragonne, PhD


Penelope Caragonne, Ph.D. has been engaged in service delivery utilizing a long-term case management approach since 1968. Background work for Dr. Caragonne at the master’s level in Social Work involved direct experience as a case manager, supervision of those in case management positions, and program development to create non-traditional case management settings. Consultation at the Doctoral and Post-doctoral levels includes program evaluation, management information system development, curriculum development, and teaching activities with federal, state and local agencies seeking to design, develop and implement long-term planning and service delivery. Other aspects of consultation have included identification of methods to evaluate both process and outcomes of projected or current state and local case management delivery systems.

Dr. Caragonne received her Bachelors degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Experimental Psychology in 1968. She received her Clinical Masters in Social Work in 1972 from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas and received her doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Social Work in 1980. She has lectured extensively on the use of case management as a model for comprehensive service delivery and planning. She was principal investigator of a 22 site national survey of case management practices and also completed two state-wide case management evaluations for Georgia and Texas. She has a background in prescription and use of assistive technology for persons with disabilities owing to her work as principal investigator of a 5 year federally funded grant on assistive technology.

Dr. Caragonne has owned and operated Caragonne and Associates, LLC. since 1991. Her company provides Life Care Planning, assistive technology, long-term case management and architectural access services. The firm prescribes, delivers and trains individuals in a wide range of assistive technology, augmentation communication and adapted computing applications. The firm also designs, develops and implements architectural modifications for individual access for homes, recreational settings, school and work. The firm offers long term planning services both within and outside of a litigation context.


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