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Case Management
LIFE CARE Plan Implementation Services

Caragonne and Associates, LLC is often asked to implement long-term plans for persons for disabilities. As with the long-term plan development process described in the Litigation Support Services section, a model of face-to-face in-home assessment and intervention directs plan implementation at Caragonne and Associates, Inc. The implementation strategy guiding provision of case management services at Caragonne and Associates is designed to guarantee that needed services are identified and secured, that service outcomes are continually assessed and re-assessed for their benefit to the individual, and, that services are promptly terminated when they do not provide a benefit to the individual. This emphasis ensures that each long-term plan developed is individualized, accountable, responsive to the person’s needs, and capable of changing as individual needs change over time. The model combines reliance on case management and assistive technology to secure independence, safety, and health for the person with the disability. The purpose of each case management activity performed is described below.

Comprehensive service planning is completed to identify any service required for safety, health, community integration and independence. By maintaining service accountability at Caragonne and Associates, LLC the disabled person--and their family members–have access to an identifiable person to assist them in resolving problems they have with services delivered–independent of the location or number of service providers involved. Following plan completion, detailed facts are provided to family members about the purpose of each resource recommended. Referrals are also made and each service recommended is secured. Needs for counseling to strengthen the family unit and respite services for relief from the daily responsibilities of care are reviewed periodically during home visits with family members. Appropriate counseling, respite, therapeutic, diagnostic, surgical, and medical services are arranged with family members as the need arises. Follow-up contacts are made to learn the status of every request made for service.

Service monitoring with providers–either on-site in the individuals’ home or by family member interview–frequently occurs once service starts to identify problems that might cause disruption or suspension in service continuity. When providers fail to provide the specific service requested, deny a service, interrupt a service without warning, or do not provide an appropriate level of service, advocacy is instituted with each provider to rectify the problems. To assure collaboration on goals to be achieved, concurrence with goals is secured from funding sources and family members prior to start of services. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is routinely maintained with all providers. Each is made aware of the others’ roles, responsibilities and time frames for service so each can work toward a common end.

Through active collaboration and communication with providers, each provider of service knows the activities and objectives of other service providers, and, current family status. Active partnerships are maintained across all providers to ensure adequate communication about the client’s needs. The quality of the link between consumer and provider is frequently re-evaluated. Providers failing to collaborate with others are recommended for termination. The actions of each are orchestrated to operate in unison at the point the client needs them.

Service evaluation is carried out during all aspects of service delivery to determine if services are appropriate to the individual’s needs and preferences, judge the value of the services being provided, or identify need to change service providers due to poor service. Available financial resources are protected by substantiating that services are priced competitively, cost over-runs avoided and effective use made of the often-limited funds available. Service need is agreed upon before purchase of a service, device, or assistive aid. When more costly services are required, requests for proposals from community vendors are developed and providers are requested to submit bids for review prior to purchase. Families are taught to select from the competing bids for service. Families are also helped to apply for public sector programs to further conserve their resources. When the interests of the consumer are known to be at risk despite repeated advocacy, appropriate legal remedies are reviewed with family members and referrals are made for protective services, due process measures, family intervention, Guardianship or Conservatorship proceedings, creation of Special Needs Trusts or other legal recourse needed. Advocacy is also taught to family members.

Specialty consultation to educational personnel at annual school evaluations is used to promote the greatest use of public sector benefits. Similar efforts are taken with rehabilitative and vocational resources. Service application and negotiation with state and private vendors of service are completed, as is assistance in securing greater levels of services from Medicaid, Medicare, Vocational Rehabilitation, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Department of Aging, and Special School Districts. Caragonne and Associates, Inc. accepts referrals for Case Management and Plan Implementation from:

Family members or individuals with disabilities interested in determining resources needed, timing, use and cost of future resources

Independent living centers, rehabilitation facilities, and local

Case management firms seeking to coordinate overall services for their clients

Educational settings from preschool level, Early intervention, K-12, community college and university settings

Physicians, therapists, and providers of specialized services to
persons with disabilities

Adult residential or assisted living agencies serving persons with developmental disabilities or brain injury

Guardianships or Trusts managing the financial resources of
persons with severe and chronic disabilities

Firms involved in the prosecution or defense of medical malpractice, product liability, or personal injury litigation

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